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German Art in the 20th Century


When: 22nd February, at 7:30pm

Where: City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR 


In my final talk in the trilogy - 22 February, 7.30, City Hall - I will try to answer the question ‘What happened to all the art?’ With war approaching the Nazis began to sell off much of the art they had confiscated but as the conflict gathered momentum there was a change in their plundering of the private and institutional collections in the countries they occupied. As well as modern art, which still offended their ideology, they grabbed masterpieces from all periods and styles with the intention of displaying them in the new Führermuseum to be built in Linz, Hitler’s birthplace, to celebrate the cultural dominance and the everlasting nature of the Third Reich.

Of course this project was never to come to fruition but the art was already in Germany only to be dispersed in various ways, legal and otherwise, during the post-war mayhem. Records are not comprehensive but by following the tracks of some of the works a pattern will emerge to suggest a story remarkable not least because of what it can tell us of the art market as it exists today.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Colin Evans