October 2013
by Colin Evans

The first event in the BTA’s short season of Georgian films at the All  Hallows Community Cinema in Easton was well received.

putins20mama20filmlegacyIneke Smit’s documentary ‘Putin’s Mama’ raised not only the usual questions  about who might have been kidding who but it opened a window onto life in a  typical remote Georgian village. The cast of colourful characters, helped by  seemingly inexhaustible quantities of home produced alcohol, revealed the  renowned Georgian ability to live life to the whatever the circumstances.

‘Legacy’, produced by Temur and Gela Babaluani, revealed a darker side of  rural life in the country but in a story told with humour and tenderness.

The audience seemed enthralled by this insight into a unique country and  its customs and were also hugely impressed with the quality of the venue. It is  comfortable and the very sophisticated equipment showed the films to great  advantage.

Georgian film ain’t Hollywood and it is all the better for that!

The next screening will be on Tuesday 3rd December when the films will be  the documentary ‘Bandits’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ which was ‘the standout debut of  the year’ at the 2007 London Film Festival.