March 2014

Beka GochiashviliBristol and Tbilisi City Councils have agreed to jointly sponsor an exchange of Jazz musicians in 2014. In March the Beka Gochiashvili trio from Tbilisi played in the Bristol Jazz and Blues festival. It began with a Gala Dinner at Bordeaux Quay on 6th March at 7pm. BTA hosted a table with the Georgian musicians as guests as the BTA's contribution to the festival. Tickets for the Gala Dinner available from BTA included a three course meal at Bordeaux Quay, wine and coffee, live entertainment plus VIP tickets to all the Jazz and Blues Festival concerts. The tickets for the Gala Dinner were £85 each which is a lot but it was a fantastic evening. Beka Gochiashvili's concert was a fantastic opportunity to hear this wonderful pianist live.