April 2015

by Alix Hughes and Stephen Thomas


The Bristol Tbilisi Association organised an evening talk about Dmitri Ivanovich Ermakov an early 19th Century, the photographer known for his series of Caucasian photographs. BTA vice-chairman Stephen Thomas was leading the talk, which is supported by a slide show. 

Dmitri  Ermakov  was  born  in  Tbilisi  in  1846.  His  passion  was  for ethnographic photography and for depicting the lives of ordinary people in Georgia and other parts of the region. He visited remote parts of the Caucasus and was the first to take photographs.  Some of his most vivid photographs show life in Tbilisi at the turn of the last century and it is these that will be focused on in the talk.  Ermakkov’s images of Tbilisi will be contrasted with contemporary photographs.

11080905 862644513802597 1547306430421484692 nEntry to the event included a glass of Georgian Wine and Khachapuri.

LOCATION: Units 1 & 2 Freeling House, Prewitt Street, Bristol, BS16RE

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