July 2015

by Stephen Thomas


£2500 was raised at a very successful charity auction and concert at the Mansion House, Bristol. Organised by the Bristol Tbilisi Association to support the victims of the devastating flood in Tbilisi, Georgia in June of this year, the auction and concert was attended by Mayor George Ferguson, the Georgian Ambassador to the UK and the Lord Mayor of Bristol. Items ranging from Georgian wine and brandy to original artworks by Georgian artists were auctioned by Bristol based celebrity auctioneer Jamie Breese.

Guests were welcomed with Georgian wine and traditional Khachapuri cheese bread and a performance by the Bristol Georgian choir singing some stunning Georgian choral music.

Tbilisi’s disastrous flooding led to loss of life and destroyed the city’s zoo leading to the death of most of the animals. There was also considerable damage to the surrounding area and it is estimated that the city, still emerging from the transition from communism and a savage war with Russia, will need £24 million for rebuilding.

Under the leadership of Derek and Esther Pickup the Bristol Tbilisi Association has been developing links with the Georgian capital since 1988 with initiatives such as a recent business delegation and regular support for the city’s School for the Deaf.  Alderman Pickup was extremely gratified that this successful event ‘involved a large number of people offering and giving support. The generosity of the audience was fantastic’ he said



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