July 2012

by Bruce Allan

Georgian Wine Day was held on Monday 30th July at the Georgian Olympic House, 45 Millbank beside Tate Britain. It was a memorable occasion. Ambassador Giorgi Badridze, Beka Dvali and Irine Dakhundaridze from the embassy were present together with many guests including Dr. Tamara Dragadze, Keti Kalandadze and Michael Bloom. Novvy and Bruce Allan represented the BTA. Besides wine tasting and delicious food, performers included the famous Georgian choir Shvidkatsa who were followed with very spirited dancing and drumming by young Georgian performers of the Kavkasioni ensemble. Georgian Olympic House also hosted an exhibition of bronze objects that were 3000 years old, the famous painting "Fisherman" by Niko Pirosmani and mechanical figures (dolls) by well-known sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze.

The Kavkasioni Ensemble

The Kavkasioni Ensemble The Kavkasioni Ensemble EnsembleThe Kavkasioni Ensemble DSC00647