September 2015

by Alix Hughes

The Bristol Tbilisi Association proudly presents a special Georgian Wine tasting event on Wed 30th Sept 19.00 to 21.00 at the Mansion House (Tickets £10). The event was hosted by the Lord Mayor and the Mayor of Tbilisi and his colleagues were presented. Special guests were the Tbilisi choir “Iberi” who sang traditional Georgian polyphonic songs. We have had eight Georgian producers showcasing and selling their wine ranging from Chateau Mukhrani, who have renovated the old Royal Family vineyards near Tbilisi, to several artisanal and niche producers who are part of the Pheasants tears consortium, whose wine is currently only available in high end restaurants in New York, Paris and London. It was a great evening.

All profits will go to support the Tbilisi school for deaf children which we have been supporting for many years.