April 2016

by Stephen Thomas

The Bristol Tbilisi Association organised showings of three contemporary Georgian films to give members and others an insight into the diversity of Georgian Cinema, at The Easton Community Cinema, The Pickle Factory, 13 All Hallows Road, Easton, BS5 0HH. Each film followed by an informal discussion.
There was no charge for the films but participants were invited to make a donation of £5 to BTA funds to cover our costs.

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"In Bloom", Nana Ektimishvili and Simon Gross, 2013 was the last film from this program. 
Set In Tbilisi in 1992 during the civil war which followed Georgian independence from the Soviet Union, this moving film focuses on the lives of two fourteen year old girls from troubled families. It explores themes of disillusioned love, early marriage and oppressive male dominance.

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