September 2018

by Nina Bendukidze 

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The BTA planned several Georgian events in Bristol in 2018 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of friendship between Bristol and Tbilisi.  One of them was an exchange exhibition "Unity in Diversity: Bristol & Tbilisi: 1988 - 2018” which focused on the historic content of the twinning between two cities. 


This project was about friendship, unity, diversity, art, history, international culture, place, people, humanity and partnership.  The aim of the event was to help establish new links and develop existing ones between people from two very different countries.  One theme of the exhibition was to demonstrate the commonality and diversity of British and Georgian traditional and modern visual art, including video installations and photography.  

The exhibition held in September 2018 at the same venue in Tbilisi - Tbilisi History Museum - Karvasla, where the British and Georgian young artists group “Silk Road” exhibition was held in 1994 and in October in the TBC Bank (the exhibition sponsor) headquarters.

Bristol’s City Hall welcomed the exhibition in December. The exhibition gave the BTA an opportunity to show the development of the cultural, educational and civic relationship between the two cities and most importantly between individuals from the beginning to the present day.

We would like to thank our sponsors  (Bristol-Tbilisi Association, TBC Bank and The Guild of Guardians Bristol)  for their generous financial support. We also would like to thank everybody who physically help us and made the exhibition happened. 

In Georgian 


NB: Please note that these vodeos were recorded on iPhone with very little options (time, music etc.) and just like a report of our project. Please don't judge us :)