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HomeBTA ActivitiesThe Business Breakfast in Bristol
July 2014
by Derek Pickup and Alix Hughes

A full house at the business breakfast webMako Abashidze web

On behalf of the BTA, Alix Hughes organised a Doing Business with Georgia breakfast event for local companies at Goldbrick House on 31st July 2014. The event featured keynote speakers from the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce and the Georgian Embassy in London. The business breakfast was attended by full with representation from different businesses across the city. The The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Alastair Watson welcomed everybody to the breakfast and thanked them for coming.  Presentations were made by the Georgian Embassy regarding the business climate in Georgia and its importance as the gateway to the Caucasus region.

The MD from the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce Mako Abashidze spoke about the opportunities for British business and the importance of the new trade agreement with the European Union which was signed in June. She highlighted how important finding the right partners is to a successful business venture and that her network of members across a range of sectors would offer Bristol companies the best place to start. With over ten years experience in the field of both inward investment and export partnerships the BGCC can help local companies find their feet in a fast growing market.

Ms Nino Kharadze from the Georgian Embassy outlined how Georgia was now open for business and in the top ten countries worldwide making it easier for companies to invest in their country.

Colin Gorrie spoke about the importance of sharing cultures and spoke about the exchange of Jazz artists between bristol and Tbilisi.

Derek Pickup from the BTA rounded off the meeting by highlighting the recent economic report published in the Guardian about now being the time for British business to make the most of the opportunities in Georgia. He explained the key elements to the BTA’s planned Trade Mission to Tbilisi in the autumn and encouraged more local companies to take up the offer.   http://www.theguardian.com/the-report/georgia

The business delegation will be flying to Tbilisi for three days in October for a packed three day programme. The event was a sell-out and inspired several follow up requests for more information and details about the Trade Mission.

Please click on the link below to read the British Ambassador to Georgia, Ms Alexandra Hall-Hall's recent interview on UK-Georgia relations:

Nino Kharadze who is a counsellor at the Georgian Embassy Mako and The Lord Mayor at the business breakfast web2 Alix Hughes talking about the importance of working with our twinned cities web2 IMG 2765 web

 IMG 2755 web IMG 2774 web2 IMG 2788 web


1. A full house at the Business Breakfast at Goldbrick house, Bristol, at 31st July 2014

2. Mako Abashidze, MD of the British Georgian chamber of Commerce  talking about business opportunities in Georgia for British Companies

3. Nino Kharadze who is a counsellor at the Georgian Embassy, Mako Abashidze and The Lord Mayor at the business breakfast

4. Alix Hughes is talking about the importance of working with our twinned cities.

5. Colin Gorrie with a bottle of Georgian red wine - Saperavi (Marani).

6. BTA chairman Derek Pickup rounded off the meeting by highlighting the recent economic report published in the Guardian.

7. BTA members at the Business Breakfast.

8. Cllr Alastair Watson The Lord Mayor, Cllr Geoff Gollup deputy Mayor and Stephen Hilton head of economic development for Bristol city council at the Business Breakfast



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Photo Gallery