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HomeBTA ActivitiesBTA at the Bristol Harbourside Festival in 2013

July 2013

Written by Wenjing Huang

derek websiteBristol Tbilisi Association volunteers attended the exciting Bristol Harbourside Festival on 27th July, 2013. The location of the BTA’s display stand was in the twinning zone in Cathedral Walk just off Hannover quay.

The BTA Chairman, Derek Pickup, actively introduced Georgian music, artifacts and books. Dressed in a traditional Georgian hat he spoke with hundreds of people about the activities of the BTA and links with Tbilisi. Some of the BTA executive members came to help as well and they gave out the newly-designed postcard at the event, showing a fantastic night scene in Tbilisi.

AlixThe display stand with a colorful banner with images of Tbilisi, attracted many people to the BTA. They learned about the Bristol- Tbilisi link as well as about Georgian cities and Georgian culture. On the day of the event, THE BTA also informed people about the 25th anniversary of the Bristol-Tbilisi twinning, especially the 14th September open day ‘A Taste of Georgia’, which will be held at the Station near Broadmead.

The Harbourside Festival event will help BTA to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Bristol and Tbilisi.





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Photo Gallery