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The Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Bristol was officially opened on 18th February 2018 by HE the Georgian Ambassador in UK Tamar Beruchashvili and the The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol Councillor Lesley Alexander. 

Congratulations to the first Honorary Consul of Georgia in UK Alderman Derek Pickup! IMG 5171 IMG 5175











The Bristol Room was opened in October 2018 at the British Embassy in Tbilisi by Dep Mayor of Tbilisi Ilia Eloshvili, the British Ambassador to Georgia Mr Justin Mckenzie Smith and Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees

 DPI1464 web

Photos of the trip to Georgia in October 2018 celebrating the BTA 30th anniversary coming soon... 


Georgian independence petition from 1907 'found' in Oxford

Why wine lovers should visit Tbilisi in Georgia 2018

Georgia: The World's Coworking Hub

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Kutaisi-London flight for £ 34.99 WizzAir to launch new direct flights from June 18

Georgian Airways Launches Direct Flights to London

The Largest Low-cost Airlines Ryan Air to Launch Flights in Georgia 

The Georgian Banquet Supra was held in Bristol in February 2018

The blog from The Lord-Lieutenant of the City and County of Bristol, Mrs Peaches Golding OBE, Her Majesty's representative in the City and County see below.

Leutinancy in Bristol


david lynch


Anna K.E. Will Represent Georgia at the 2019 Venice Biennale

Tbilisi, Georgia: The Hollywood, hipster hotspot

David Lynch to found film festival and cinematography institute in Georgia



index 2


Brexit and Georgia

How I entered EU without visa

Bread Should Be Baked By the Baker!

Georgia's rave revolution

Riot policemen take cover during protests in Tbilisi, Georgia. Protesters took to the streets after Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov addressed an assembly of MPs in Georgia's parliament. Some 240 people were hurt in the clashes. Relations between the two nations remain strained 11 years after Georgia and Russia fought a war over the breakaway region of South Ossetia.

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The Best Street Style From Fashion Week Tbilisi Spring ’18 



Demna Gvasalia is the First Designer to Truly Understand Internet Culture

16412Did you know that the fastest growing company in the UK belongs to young Georgian?

Savse Smoothies - Made the right way

Savse Smoothies Pineapple, Coconut, Vanilla Lime Review  

Behind the Scenes at the Savse Factory | Madeleine Shaw


Georgian artist Levan Songulashvili



Ekaterine Tarkhan Mouravi web




Georgian One of World's Most Difficult Languages  

Rewriting history: 3000-yr-old script uncovered in Georgia

The 10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken in the World Today

 68528234 georgian road signs Georgia by drone

Gorgeous Georgia: walking in the Svaneti's mountains

Architects have identified the 10 most beautiful gas stations in the world. Two are in Georgia!

New Legend of St George: The British Georgian School

Sex in Georgia

Bright Side: Take Me To Georgia (Gallery)

Geography now! Georgia

77762b13-5fbe-45b8-8bb0-6154b8430281-2060x1236 Journal of Nomads - A Hitchhiking Adventure across the World

Is Georgia Europe’s Hidden Gem?

How Renewed Tbilisi Opera House Looks Like

Tbilisi's cultural revolution

A Love Letter to Tbilisi

safest-countries5 Different Georgia: Pablo Ferrari Captures Amazing Moments

Why Georgia Is the Secret Gem of Europe

8 reasons to travel to Georgia and Tbilisi 

Explore Georgia with John Graham Tours

The California of the Caucasus. Again about Tbilisi. Now it is in the New York Times Style Magazine

Georgia’s new Caucasus trail will link Black and Caspian seas

 A Little Hospitality… A Guest is a Gift from Godgeorgia slide 3PE1 superJumbo

Why Tbilisi's One of My Favorite Cities in the World

Georgia on His Mind: Chris Morgan Jones’s Tbilisi highlights

Tbilisi - the city of liquid gold

Georgia’s Location Both a Blessing and a Curse, Former US Ambassador Says

9d2673884234d0512f62d1d9efc9f4c571350e41.jpg.1072x0 q85 upscaleGeorgia: Unequalled hospitality, great food and amazing wine

Georgia on His Mind: Chris Morgan Jones’s Tbilisi highlights

Trekking in Caucasus

 10 things you might not know about Georgia

 Fabrika and the Corporatization of Tbilisi’s Counter-Culture

08 khacha All 48 European Countries ranked by food/Georgia came in 4th

Food and Wine Tourism in Georgia  - second place in Food Tourism Category in 2015

Georgian Wine Association

London Love Wine - Georgian Wine 8000 Years on

Georgia among top 10 countries on the World Cheese Map

French Bakery Chain PAUL to Enter Georgian Market - Good or Bad?

Humble Magic in Georgian Capital’s Restaurant Renaissance

Tiko Tuskadze: from Georgia with a passionate love of food

France Finally Admits Georgia is the Cradle of Wine-Making at New Exhibition

Georgian Cuisine from A to Z

The Culinary Muse of the Caucasus

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Would you like to support Georgian sport teams? Click here for sport news from Georgia.

Georgia-born Tochinoshin wins first sumo title 

Georgian National Rugby Team Won

Rugby European Championship 




The Guardian adds a photo taken in Tbilisi to its Best City Photographers list on Instagram




Five very different people talk about their working lives in Tbilisi, Georgia

2018 - BTA 30th Anniversary  

LOGO river colour 30Bedited

The Bristol Tbilisi Association was set up to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the people of Bristol, UK and the city of Tbilisi in Georgia. Members volunteer to run activities which reflect their interests in the region. The Association aims to produce an exciting programme of activities which will:

  • Engage like-minded people in both cities in communicating with each other
  • Encourage relationships and exchanges between the professions, those engaged in cultural activity, business, technology, schools and universities
  • Create opportunities for economic development

If you are interested in learning about a country that is famous as the cradle of wine and the home of the Golden Fleece, please join us or come to one of our events.

Bristol Tbilisi Association is a member of the Bristol International Twinning Association logo BITA


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