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Mikheil Tsereteli, Deputy Director of the Georgian National Museum Online Talk "Building Capacity of Museums – Culture as a Way or Development of a Country in Transition"

December 2021

by Esther Pickup-Keller & Nina Bendukidze

After re-gaining its independence in 1991 Georgia declared its aspiration toward the European values. Due to its geographic location, Georgia has long been a natural crossroads for many powerful cultures. Nevertheless, the country has preserved its cultural identity. Thoughtful management of cultural heritage may play key role in construction new democratic country. Building strong academic and cultural institutions is crucial for these processes.

The Georgian National Museum, countries largest complex unifying museums and research institutes was established in 2004, unifies 20 museums and institutions in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia. Since that The Georgian National Museum tries to conduct research projects and present internationally significant collections that provide visitors with inspiration and knowledge of the wonderful world of science, arts, culture and education.

Presentation has given an overview on the activities of the Georgian National Museum in the above-mentioned context.

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British Ambassador to Georgia Mark Clayton's Online Talk "My First Year as Ambassador, it's challenges and successes under COVID-19"

November 2021

by Nina Bendukidze

Mark Clayton prior to becoming the British Ambassador to Georgia in 2020 served as Deputy Director of European Security and Defence. in 2017-2018, he held the job of Minister Counselor in Moscow. He is a career diplomat and has held various positions at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since 1997 – Desk Officer at Baltic States department (1997-1998), Head of EU-Former Soviet Union relations Team (2004-2005), Head of G8 Team (2005-2007), Deputy Head of Counter-Terrorism Department (2010-2014). 

UntitledMark Claydon












The Lord Mayor welcomed a group of Georgian students studying at the University of Bristol to the City Hall

November 2021

by Alix Hughes 

The Lord Mayor welcomed a group of Georgian students studying at the University of Bristol on Monday, the 8th of November, to City Hall and gave them a guided tour including the Tbilisi Room. Derek Pickup, the Bristol Tbilisi Assosiation Chairman and Alix Hughes, the Bristol City Council European and International Department Officer, were with them. They are loving being in Bristol and have already discovered some interesting places around the Harbourside. The fifth student was unable to join the meeting.

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Online Talk by Tony Anderson about his book "Bread and Ashes: A Walk Through the Mountains of Georgia" and other travel to Georgia books

October 2021

by Nina Bendukidze

We had a regular Zoom talk organized by Bristol Tbilisi Association on 28th of October 2021. Tony Anderson, a big our friend and a member of BTA, talked about his book "Bread and Ashes: Walking the Georgia Mountains",his future book and other travel guides to Georgia and explained why you shouldn't trust everything they say. He showed various books about traveling in Georgia, the first of which was written by Sir John Mandeville in the 14th century.

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Ambassador of Georgia to the UK H.E. Sophie Katsarava's talk online

July 2021

by Derek Pickup

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The Georgian Ambassador to the UK, Her Excellency Sophiko Katsarava gave a talk "Reflections on a year as the Georgian Ambassador to the UK under Covid and plans for the future" to the BTA covering her first year in Office. The year was difficult because of the Covid virus and the restrictions on face to face meetings and travel. Despite this it was a busy year which resulted with a free trade agreement between the UK and Georgia










Nathan Moss'S ZOOM TALK about his life and making business IN TBILISI

June 2021

by Esther Keller-Pickup

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A Zoom talk by Nathan Moss on Thursday 24 June at 6:00 pm GMT was from the series of monthly talks organised by the Bristol Tbilisi Association for their members and friends during lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Nathan Moss spoke about his move from the UK to Georgia 7 years ago. Nathan grew up in South London and upon finishing school struggled to choose between culinary college and engineering at University. He ended up choosing Engineering and went to The University of the West of England, Bristol. When he returned to London, he worked as a sound and video engineer in live events for several years before moving to Georgia pursuing, after everything, a life in food and drink. 

He first went to Georgia for a week in October 2013 and stayed with John Wurdeman, a classical painter and entrepreneur (food and wine among many ventures), who settled in Georgia in the early 1990s.  Nathan liked his stay very much and moved to Georgia on 25 April 2014 and has never looked back.  He acquired the nickname 'Cider Man' for a while and explained to us what this is all about.  He is an owner of the compamy called Saidanaa. Please look at their product here. Everybody says it is amazing. If you would like to taste it please contact Nathan on Tel: +995 599 19 90 52

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26th May 2021 - thirtieth anniversary of Georgian Independence from the Soviet Union

May 2021

by Derek Pickup and Alix Hughes

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of Georgian Independence from the Soviet Union and the Lord Mayor Cllr Steve Smith has agreed to raise the Georgian flag in front of City Hall on Wednesday 26th May at 11.00am. There are 30 people allowed to be at the ceremony, so members of the BTA were invited to attend if they can. The BTA chairman has been presenting the Lord Mayor with a new Georgian flag and a copy of Tony Anderson's book “ Bread and Ashes”.  

Special guests were Lord Mayor Cllr Steve Smith, Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding and High Sheriff Sue Davies as well as Ms Lana Achelashvili, Chevening scholar from Tbilisi and Honorary Georgian Consul and the BTA chairman Alderman Derek Pickup. Also attending members and supporters of the Bristol Tbilisi Association. The event was filmed for Georgian TV and the Embassy in London.

Georgian flag raising 2Georgian flag raising 1 Georgian flag raising 4

Photos - credit BCC International Team. 



Peter Nasmyth's Zoom Talk 'Heritage and Lockdown; a Winter in Tbilisi.'

May 2021

by Esther Keller-Pickup 

A Zoom talk by Peter Nasmyth on Tuesday 25 May at 6:00 pm GMT was from the series of monthly talks organised by the Bristol Tbilisi Association for their members and friends during lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The title of the presentation was: 'Heritage and Lockdown; a Winter in Tbilisi.' The talk was about the latest from the National Trust of Georgia, and how Georgians dealt with, at one time, the highest Covid-19 infection rate in the world. Peter has recently returned to the UK after spending several months in lockdown in Georgia and gave a fascinating insight into life in Georgia during the pandemic and an update in how the National Trust of Georgia is continuing to develop despite the pandemic. 

Peter Nasmyth is a writer, photographer and former arts journalist published in most major UK magazines and newspapers, along with American publications such as the Washington Post. He has lived between Tbilisi and London for more than thirty years and co-founded the first English language bookshop, Prospero, in Tbilisi. 'Georgia: in the Mountains of Poetry' is probably his most well known book which if you haven’t read it already, put it on your book list. 

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