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Georgian Studies Day 2020 online

October 2020

Please register and watch the video of the Georgian Study Day 2020 meeting online. 



Please click HERE to read the BTA chairman Derek Pickup's presentation to this years Georgian Studies Day on the 8th October 




BTA members met the Georgian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Tamar Beruchashvili

February 2020

by Derek Pickup

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2019 Georgian Supra

July  2019

by Esther Keller-Pickup 

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Nice to see all of those who came to the Supra recently. I think all, who attended will agree the evening was a big success.
Our caterers, Mangal Catering (https://www.mangalcatering.co.uk/), did us proud. It was the first time they cooked Geogian food and according to one of the Georgian guests, they nailed it!
Special thanks to The Lord Lieutenant of Bristol, Mrs Peaches Golding OBE and The Lord Mayor of Bristol Cllr Jos Clark, who were guests of Honour.
Also BIG THANKS to Borjghali, the Bristol Georgian Choir, who under the direction of Anthony Johnston, provided musical entertainment throughout the evening.
At this we event we announced our intention to organise a trip to Georgia 'Off the Beaten Track' for October 2020. More information about this trip will follow in due course.  


BTA presented more books to Bristol Central Library

January 2019

by Bruce Allan 

The BTA has donated over £500 GBP worth of new books about Tbilisi and Georgia to the Bristol Central Library.  P1250199 1

There are 32 titles (34 books in total including two titles in two volumes). The books include: Novels, Art, Poetry, Food, wine and travel, History, as well as Classics of British writing about Georgia and the Caucasus region. BTA supporter and artist Bruce Allan has sourced the books with support and suggestions from local author and Georgia expert Tony Anderson.

Please click here to find a list of new books. For books donated in previous years please click here.

The Bristol Central Library now holds more than seventy books on many aspects of Georgia and the Caucasus thanks to Bruce and the BTA.  Please click here the list of the books presented to Bristol Central Library over the past few years.


Thanks to Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, Robert Harrison at the library and everyone who came to the handover on the 25th Jan.

Bruce said: "Finding books for the library reflects my love of Georgia and Georgian friends. It has been a pleasure to help the BTA establish the collection as a public resource. The books celebrate 30 years of city twinning established by Paul Garland in 1988. Without the link I may never have discovered Georgia. Gaumajos! " 

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Photos of the trip to Georgia in October 2018 celebrating the BTA 30th anniversary coming soon...

October 2018

Photos of the trip to Georgia in October 2018 celebrating the BTA 30th anniversary coming soon...





October 2018

by Alix Hugh 

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Mayor Rees was on a recent visit to Tbilisi with a business delegation from the Guild of Guardians, including the chief executive of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce. The Mayor was invited by Ambassador Justin McKenzie Smith to officially open the new Bristol Room at the British Embassy in Tbilisi. The Mayor and delegation members took part in a one day business conference with key Georgian representatives from different sectors and economic networks. 

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The Ambassador also arranged for a working lunch for the Mayor and chief exec James Durie with the Georgian Chamber of Commerce, the Invest in Georgia and the Georgia Business Association. The visit proved very successful in building business confidence and opening doors for Bristol and South West businesses to trade with Georgia. Thanks to the BTA and TBC Bank for sponsoring the event. The Mayor and James Durie also held discussions with Mayor Kaladze of Tbilisi before presenting him with a Bristol Bears signed shirt and a limited edition print of Bristol.



Art Exhibition "Unity in Diversity. Bristol & Tbilisi: 1988 -2018"

September 2018

by Nina Bendukidze 

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The BTA planned several Georgian events in Bristol in 2018 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of friendship between Bristol and Tbilisi.  One of them was an exchange exhibition "Unity in Diversity: Bristol & Tbilisi: 1988 - 2018” which focused on the historic content of the twinning between two cities. 


This project was about friendship, unity, diversity, art, history, international culture, place, people, humanity and partnership.  The aim of the event was to help establish new links and develop existing ones between people from two very different countries.  One theme of the exhibition was to demonstrate the commonality and diversity of British and Georgian traditional and modern visual art, including video installations and photography.  

The exhibition held in September 2018 at the same venue in Tbilisi - Tbilisi History Museum - Karvasla, where the British and Georgian young artists group “Silk Road” exhibition was held in 1994 and in October in the TBC Bank (the exhibition sponsor) headquarters.

Bristol’s City Hall welcomed the exhibition in December. The exhibition gave the BTA an opportunity to show the development of the cultural, educational and civic relationship between the two cities and most importantly between individuals from the beginning to the present day.

We would like to thank our sponsors  (Bristol-Tbilisi Association, TBC Bank and The Guild of Guardians Bristol)  for their generous financial support. We also would like to thank everybody who physically help us and made the exhibition happened. 


In Georgian


NB: Please note that vodeos below were recorded on iPhone with very limited options (time, music etc.) and are in fact just a report of our project. Please don't judge us too harshly :))




Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery